p For Wasel customers: 155,345 and other Operators: 0750999888: info@wasel.af

binäre optionen iphone Wasel Telecom revised its Hafarin Package. Now its customer can call from wasel to wasel 1 Afghanis,to Off net for 2 afghanis, 2 SMS for 3 Afghani’s and for 27 countries only for 4 Afghanis per minute.

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https://www.cedarforestloghomes.com/enupikos/4249 Wasel Telecom is going to launch new website with attractive looks. Customer will get online chatting support in this new website and job seekers will be able to apply for there.


slinky online dating Wasel Telecom launched “Tabasom” With 250 AF per Month. You can call to any Wasel number for free.

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