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Fair Use Policy

Acceptable Terms on Fair Use for Services and Promotions with Unlimited Offers

The Acceptable Terms on Fair Use for Wasel is aligned with industry practice of telecommunications providers all over the world. It is intended to ensure that all customers get to equally share an enjoyable experience using Wasel services. As such, the Acceptable Terms on Fair Use may be used to protect Wasel customers against entities or persons utilizing Wasel services in a manner that runs counter to the intent of the promotion, fraudulent, or exceeding normal standards of use.

In your purchase or use of our products and services, you agree to our Acceptable Terms on Fair Use and agree to be bound by the policy.


Please see below the terms relating to the unlimited service/promotion that you have subscribed for.

  1. Available to active Wasel subscribers
  2. Applicable to Wasel-to-Wasel, Wasel-to-TM and Wasel to other network calls and/or text only
  3. Wasel provides unlimited texts, unlimited calls or unlimited texts and calls to be used from your mobile phone for private, personal, non-commercial purposes.
  4. Unlimited services/ promotions may not be used with any other device other than your mobile phone or in a way that adversely impacts the service to other Wasel Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers.
  5. Wasel shall implement policies to ensure that all subscribers get to equally share an enjoyable call, text and data experience. This policy is designed to protect those who might be affected by the few subscribers who use the unlimited services/ promotions for activities other than its intended use. Acceptable Terms on Fair Use applies:
  • to sending of spam or unsolicited bulk messages like political and promotional advertisements, financial loans or recruitments.
  • to sending of fraudulent messages or bogus promotional offers.
  • if your usage of unlimited calls /unlimited texts /unlimited calls /unlimited texts and unlimited data is unreasonably high.

6. Your usage of an unlimited promotion is excessive or unreasonable as defined below:

  • It is unreasonable/excessiveif your usage adversely affects the Wasel network and another Wasel subscriber’s use or access to Wasel services.
  • Excessive use means calls or text usage or data usage per day is significantly higher than one’s normal usage.

7. If Wasel reasonably suspects that you are not acting in accordance with the Acceptable Terms on Fair Use,  Wasel reserves the right to suspend your unlimited subscription and charge you under regular rates, or disconnect your account.

8. We reserve the right to vary the Acceptable Terms on Fair Use without prior notice.