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Kabul Coverage Area

S/NoName Of LocationsDistrictCoverage Area
1315 Road17yes
2Charahisarsabzi (Ariana University)4yes
3Back side baghbala3yes
4Baghbala backside parwan3 end5yes
5Baghbala backside parwan35yes
6Baharstan bazar musa wardak hospital2yes
7Baharstan PN 20 36 1882yes
8Chashma dogh bazar11yes
9Chashma dogh11yes
10Dunya hotel16yes
11Emergency hsptl10yes
12Badam Bagh17yes
13Guldara RoadDistrictyes
15Kardan University10yes
16karti parwan4yes
17Majid Mall10yes
18Majid Mall210yes
19Fourth Market Mocroyan9yes
20First Market Mocroyan16yes
21Fourth Market Mocryan9yes
22Mazar Road Munshi Ghumal City17yes
23Mazar station on sar kotal17yes
24Mir Munshi Ghulam17yes
25Mocroyan konah omid hospital16yes
26MTN Plaza10yes
27MTN Plaza210yes
28Murad bigDistrictyes
29Charahi Dehmazang7yes
30Pol SufianDistrictyes
31Kabul North Gate17yes
32Qala Murad Big BazarDistrictyes
33Qazi Palazayes
34Qazi Palaza Streetyes
35Qazi palazayes
36Sar Kotal Khairkhana17yes
37Sar kotal Khairkhana (Market)17yes
38SarKotal Khairkhana (PNG Office)17yes
40Shakar Dara Main Roadyes
41Taimani Street4yes
42Taimaskan (Sarandoy Blocks)3yes
43Taimaskan shark police3yes
44Charahi Tanzif (Sham-Paris Hotel)4yes
45Ministry of Public Works16yes
46Wazir Akbar khan (Andra Gandi Hospital)10yes
47Wazir Akbar khan (MOPH)10yes
48Maidan Main Road(60M)17yes
49Khair khana Sarak 31511yes
50500 Family sqr17yes
51Aria cityyes
53Khair khana (Gulayee Esa- Awal)yes
54Parwan Hotel11yes
55Khair-Khana (Lab_Jar)15yes
56Khair_Khana (Lewa Baba_Jan)17yes
57Market Lisa Maryam11yes
58Market Lisa Maryam (Main Road)11yes
59Saray Shamaly (Market Miwa)17yes
60Saray Shamali (Market 2)17yes
62500 Family17yes
63Prozha Taimani (Sarak_3)4yes
64Qalay Najara11yes
65Khair khana (Russian Road#1)yes
66Khair khana (Russian Road#2)yes
67Khair khana (Russian Road#3)yes
68Khair khana (Russian Road#4)yes
69Taimani (First Road)4yes
70Taimani (seccond Road)4yes
71Taimani (Third Road)4yes
72Shakrak _Marshal Fahim (beside Kotal)11yes
73315 end11yes
74315 nistan university11yes
75315 road Home11yes
76500 family 10-0515yes
77Aria cityyes
78Arzan Qimat Square12yes
80Yakatoot (Banayee)9yes
83Bostan kabul17yes
85Charahi Shahid (sarak 5 Lolo Plaza)yes
86Charahi Malik Asghar2yes
87North High Way17yes
88Husain khil2Districtyes
89Kart_e_now (sarak 3 Jahan University)8yes
90Kariz Miryes
91Shah_shahid sarak Awal (Khost Plaza)8yes
92Kart e now sarak#48yes
93Kart e now Sar Tapa8yes
94Kart e now sarak#38yes
95Charahi Masoodyes
98Charahi Qala Najara4yes
99Arbi Pantoon9yes
100Saray shamali sqr17yes
101Shah shahid8yes
102Shahrak Tela_ee8yes
103Shakardara RoadDistrictyes
104Yakatoot BTS9yes
106Alawdin Road6yes
107Howza 16 PD-1616yes
108Alawodin Istiqlal hospital6yes
109Slawodin square6yes
110Ali abad road6yes
111AUAF darulaman7yes
112Bagh Babir7yes
113Bagh babur door7yes
115city park (Dehmazang)7yes
116DAB sherkat7yes
118Durlaman street7, 6yes
120Kart e #3 (Donya University)3yes
121Gozargah secondary7yes
123Habib high school7yes
125hotkhil 29yes
126Kart-e-char khatam u-Nabi University6yes
128kabul University Road toward medical faculty3yes
129Kabul main Enterence -Gate3yes
130Kabul University main road3yes
131Kabul university road3yes
132KBL-Medical University aliabad hospital3yes
133KBL-Medical University6yes
134Kota Sangi (Karwan University )3yes
135Darlaman (Old parliament house)6yes
136Dogh_Abaad (Parliament hause road)6yes
139pul sorkh fist option office3yes
140pulsorkh 13yes
141Qalai Zamankhan #2(Naswan School)16yes
142Qalai zamankhan #3 (Now_Abad)16yes
143Qalai zaman khan (sement Khana)16yes
144Shina pool16yes
145Sarak Now (Qabel Boy )9yes
146Sarak Now #29yes
147To ward pool sorkh3yes
148Yakatoot AWCC office9yes
150Yakatoot site9yes